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BEYOND SPACE started in 2011 with the passion and drive to create my own legacy; have my own voice, own my own journey in this life… Beyond Space became the outlet whereby even today I am able to express my ideas, thoughts and curiosities. The name was inspired by a thought while attending French class in high school. I was learning about civilization, from ancient times to our modern times. My teacher at the time did a wonderful job of describing and teaching the interconnectivity of leaders within these civilizations; putting great emphasis on space (literal Space above); and the mindset of risk and adventure. As a young student  I internalized this teaching with a great amount of inspiration and curiosity to simply know what is Beyond Space? Having this thought and posing this question always lead to deep conversations with my peers. The question…What do you think is Beyond Space? Sparked an artistic philosophy a path that I could not ignore to follow. 


Growing up my father was an entrepreneur owning three businesses; while my mother was a mental health social worker. I come from a family of five with two younger siblings. I believe with the construct of my family it most definitely shaped my world; seeing my father I knew how to have my own company. Seeing my mother taught me how to connect to people, even those who may seem less fortunate or different. 


Growing up clothing was identity. I attended public school all the way through and from a young age I realized that whatsoever you put together in your closet helps shape the person that you want to be out there in the world. Even though school was for education it also was the platform for expression with style and clothes. I took great passion in making sure my closet was filled with things I liked. For when I'd go "back to school" in September after the summer break, my father; up until the 8th grade used to drive to NYC to buy all our clothes for the year. When he would return, we would be ecstatic to see the different brands and clothes we’d get in the suitcase. All in all, style, art and business was the perfect formula for me to see my future from a lens of passion. Aside from art and business throughout my life I was instilled in athletics; from soccer to long distance running that became my ticket to further my education receiving full scholarships. Athletics became the trifecta to the ideals of my personality. Competing  at a high level taught me parts of the fundamentals I needed to have the right discipline. It allowed me to bridge certain lifestyle ideals into my business, art and what it means be a professional. 


Today, Beyond Space stands as a life brand that initializes individuals to follow a path of adventure and risk; but in style and with art. The beauty of life is the journey; and today I’ve answered my question I was longing for…knowing that there are things we cannot physically see. Behind the breath of the wind, beyond the depths of the universe, beneath the foundations of love. I’ve realized through Christ, all things were created — in heaven and on earth, both visible and invisible. (Colossians 1:16)


The spirit of it all…and while our mortal eyes might not be able to see  the wind or our minds may not be able to fully grasp what’s beyond our universal confines of space or the even see the spirit of God, we still experience their effects. Because there’s more than what meets the eye. There’s more beyond this life…


  • Beyond Space

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