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We are at the point where if we don't act now, we won't get another chance We need to protect the one planet we have


Reducing has become a term overused; in fact almost cliche to those who may not understand. We REDUCE WASTE. BEYOND SPACE has a purpose to directly handle fast-fashion by-product by reducing it's waste by taking off-hand; the useless, "last year's, unfit, 'crotch destroyed', non-brand, simply put garbage... from the consumer to the business. BEYOND SPACE will take it in as fuel to the fire.  


100% of our Artisanal Line is produced by "used clothes". We either accept donations from clients directly & or we obtain dead-stock fabric rolls and scarps from local fabric stores. Within the next five years BEYOND SPACE's mission is to lead with innovative sustainable practices in rejuvenating old textiles. 


We embrace & implement imaginative design concepts with a sound understanding of technical skills; being proficient in textiles and sewing. We incorporate new creative methods, and many inspired concepts into manufacturing processes with the use of "pre-existing" textiles.

Hand-in-hand our marketing takes the same precedence as our design efforts making sure that the message being communicated is tied to our core values of: sustainability, design and experience.   

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